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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Anaheim Angels

Seattle: 9-8


Game 1: R.A. Dickey vs Joe Saunders*
Game 2: Jarrod Washburn* vs Ervin Santana
Game 3: Miguel Batista vs Dustin Moseley

This is going to be quite a test with arguably our three worst starters heading out there (we don't yet know where to place Dickey). Luckily, the competition we face is thoroughly mediocre as well. We've already seen Joe Saunders "stuff" and now we get to see Ervin "Not as crazy nor as good as Greinke" Santana, albeit at home so he might actually be on his meds, and Dustin Moseley who recently got lit up by, well, everyone he's faced.

Moseley's repertoire is close to a carbon copy of Saunders, the difference being the Saunders at least tries to throw strikes. Moseley is much more of a giver in the walks department. Ervin is also primarily a two-pitch hurler, though his offspeed pitch of choice is the slider rather than the change and he has about 3 extra mph of velocity over the other two.

Likely Starters:
C Mike Napoli/Jeff Mathis
1 Casey Kotchman*
2 Maicer Izturis^
3 Chone Figgins^
S Erick Aybar^
L Garret Anderson*
C Whore
R Gary Matthews Jr.^
D Vladimir Guerrero

Rightfield and DH seem to be interchangeable thus far for the Angels and 2B could end up back in the hands of Howie Kendrick at some point during this series. Hey; deja vu! Yep, it's a new series and Kendrick is hurt again, though the Angels outfield situation is a little more clear now that Willits is down in Salt Lake where he belongs. Expect to see an at bat or two go to Juan Rivera at some point.

Now through 17 games the Angels offense profiles as, well, exactly the same as they did last time. They're still close to the bottom of the league in walks drawn and pitches seen. However, they don't really strike out at all, only behind our Mariners in terms of avoiding the K. They need a dash of  Brandon Wood and his 22 strikeouts in 58 plate appearances, 38%, to add to their starting lineup.


That was likely the two easiest wins the Ms will garner in a row all year as their win expectancy exceeded 80% during the third inning both nights. However, they went about it in two completely different ways; attacking early and often against Blanton and milking walks out of DiNardo last night. It would be nice to continue that roll; however boring the baseball might be, wins are wins and doubly so when against divisional foes.

R.A. Dickey is getting perhaps the best lineup to face for his 2008 starter debut; a bunch of free swingers. That means they won't be waiting around drawing counts so Dickey should be able to avoid the massive walk game that is always a risk with knuckleballers but he will be at risk for a 2006 meltdown game.

Jose Lopez has nine sacrifices on the year already.

Jose Vidro has contributed 0.34 runs per game so far in 2008. Barry Bonds contributed 1.13 runs per game in 2007. Even if you knock that down to an even 1 run per game (his lowest level since 1991 {golly Bonds is a good hitter}) we'd have scored over 10 runs more than we have already this year, giving us an 11-6 pythag record.

A lineup of nine Barry Bonds circa 2004 would be expected to score 3,564 runs in a season.


Trois Pistoles
Unibroue. Chambly, QC

Fuck off Anaheim, you don't make any good beers anything. Quebec on the other hand... Dark ruby red/blackish color with all assortments of fruits on the nose and an ever complex taste. Orange, spice, cinnamon, banana and raisins are all notable in the aroma which gives way to a little more malt in the taste. Often described as port-like for it's deep flavors, this is perhaps the best line produced at Canada's best brewery.