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Erik Bedard's Hip

It's not good.

The Mariners are being coy about it, but the situation looks to be worse than they're letting on, and the fear is that if Bedard gets an MRI and a proper diagnosis, they'll have to shut him down for a significant amount of time. And if they don't do that and decide to play it day by day, it's an injury that could nag him all season.

There's really nothing we can do but cross our fingers that Bedard heals quicker than he's ever healed before in his life. Ever since we first caught wind of the trade rumors in December, we've known that he's fragile. Well, now we're confronted by his fragility, and we've no choice but to deal with it and hope for the best. In the meantime, man this sucks.

I guess in a way we kind of deserved this, what with everything the Angels are going through. I thought things were getting a little too easy.

Ironic that there were rumors about AJ's hip holding up the trade not too long ago. Good one, world.