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4/13: Open Game Thread

Ichiro CF Figgins 3B
Lopez 2B Matthews CF
Ibanez "LF" Guerrero "RF"
Sexson 1B Anderson "LF"
Vidro DH Kendrick 2B
Morse "RF" Kotchman 1B
Cairo 3B Rivera DH
Burke C Mathis C
Betancourt SS Aybar 2B

---------- ----------

Baek SP Saunders SP

If you're not really sure what to do with yourself until gametime, turn on NBC at 11am and look for #8 in the red. Alexander Ovechkin is the most dynamic, exciting, and infectiously enthusiastic athlete in North America, and being able to watch as he enters the prime of what will be an extraordinary career is a spectacle that transcends one's opinion of the sport. Even if you don't like hockey, watch Ovechkin, and he will change your mind. Check Youtube if you don't believe me. He is just unthinkably, impossibly good. Felix-at-his-peak kind of good. A league as poorly run as the NHL almost doesn't deserve someone that talented.

And then when you've had your fill of that, switch on over to Erik Bedard. He's kind of good too. death