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4/12: Open Game Thread

Ichiro CF Figgins 3B
Lopez 2B Matthews CF
Ibanez "LF" Guerrero "RF"
Beltre 3B Anderson LF
Vidro DH Hunter DH
Sexson 1B Kotchman 1B
Wilkerson RF Kendrick 2B
Johjima C Napoli C
Betancourt SS Aybar SS

---------- ----------

Silva SP Garland "SP"

This is an important series against a hated division rival. As such, people are going to invest a little more emotion into the games, with one of the inevitable consequences being the frequent use of colorful language. Just look at last night's game thread. There's a lot of content in there that's only suitable for adults. So in an effort to protect the virgin eyes and ears of America's youth, tonight I'll be using a filter for purposes of age verification. Please be honest.

Click here if you are 18 or older

Click here if you are under the age of 18