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3/31: Opening Day Open Game Thread

Tex_medium Sea_medium

Vazquez 2B Ichiro CF
Young "SS" Lopez 2B
Hamilton CF Ibanez "LF"
Blalock 3B Sexson 1B
Bradley DH Beltre 3B
Byrd RF Wilkerson DL
Murphy LF Vidro DH
Laird C Johjima C
Broussard :( Betancourt SS
---------- ----------
Millwood SP Bedard SP

I was trying to think of an intro for this, but then I realized I've been writing it for the past six months. Erik Bedard Is Really Good and all that. So. While we won't be able to top last year's Opening Day, we can always hope for a close second. Dazzle us, Erik. We're ready to be wowed.