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Everything okay? Anyone hurt?

This thread's going up in relief of Trei's thread below. Post your comments and questions about the new platform in here. While everyone's aware of the loading time issue, and it's going to be addressed by the developers, for the time being there's no sense in hanging out in a slow thread if you don't have to.

Me, I can't thank Trei and the guys enough for being so accommodating and taking our concerns to heart. I should also thank Graham for being so terrifying. Now that we have options to ignore avatars and make the screen wider, it's a lot easier to focus on the neat aspects of the new platform instead of spending all our time bitching about the annoying parts. I don't think it'll take long to get used to this at all, and I do believe we're better off now than we were last week.

Thanks to the devs for working on this literally around the clock, and thanks to you guys for not flipping a tizzy. One beer thread and everyone'll be comfortable all over again.