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The Hardball Times Season Preview 2008

Buy it.

Book summary

10 things David Gassko learned from reading it

Sample chapter (Red Sox)

If you've ever thought to yourself "I should make a little donation to Jeff for all his hard work," spend that money on this book instead. And if you haven't thought that, on account of being an ungrateful son of a bitch, you should still spend some money on this book anyway, because THT rocks, and they deserve your patronage. Last year's downloadable .pdf volume was already damn good, and now not only will you be able to get a physical book you can hold in your hands, but you also get 30-40 individual player comments for every single team. And everyone knows those are always gold.

Seriously, outside of Baseball-Reference, THT is probably the best baseball website on the planet, and they deliver all of their content completely free. So you should buy this book because (A) you know it'll be good, and (B) it's a great way to support an awesome group of people. After all, they can't continue churning out books if they don't sell. And when you do buy it, make sure you buy it from the publisher (ACTA Sports), because that way THT gets a bigger cut. To hell with those Amazon/Borders/Barnes & Noble plutocrats. They don't need your help. THT does.

I hope you buy it. And I hope you love it.