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Top 50 Mariner Moments, 2007: #31

May 4th: A bases loaded groundball single for Raul Ibanez caps off an eight-run fifth inning in the Bronx.

Box score & PBP

Game thread


This is another one of those situations where I don't have time to provide any commentary. Fortunately, this is also the first Top 50 moment that I didn't get to watch live, so I suppose that's a happy coincidence. I couldn't find the game on TV until it was 5-0 Yankees, and I had to go to a meeting when it was 6-3, so you can imagine my surprise upon stumbling back into my room an hour later to find the M's on top 14-8. The best part? While you'd think that missing an eight-run inning would ruin my day, I still got to watch what amounted to a thrilling conclusion. The Yankees were a lot of things last year, but they certainly weren't dull.