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It's No "Raul Ibanez Takes Pride In His Defense", But Then Nothing Is

Remember that extended period in this franchise's history during which we went through like 300 different left fielders? If only a certain someone had been born a generation earlier.

If there's still a need in left field when spring training begins, LaHair knows just who can fill it: himself.

LaHair played several games in left field during his first pro season with the Everett AquaSox in 2003 and a few dozen more the next year at Class A Wisconsin while the Timber Rattlers' regular left fielder, Wladimir Balentien, was playing with the Dutch team at the Athens Olympics.

"I’d been an outfielder my whole life. Left field is like my second home," LaHair said last week before a workout at the Mariners' training complex in Peoria, Ariz. "First base is my home now, but if you gave me two weeks in left field, I would be ready to play there."

Six years ago, LaHair was drafted as a first baseman. Since then he has filled out physically and developed into a bad hitter. I understand the guy wants to make himself seem useful however he can, but the idea of playing Bryan LaHair in left field is like putting mayonnaise on a pie because it looks kind of like ice cream. Bryan, you already suck at one position, so what makes you think you could succeed at a harder one? Just sit down, shut up, and wait to be traded to Baltimore. I hear they're getting desperate.