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Sign Up Now. LL/USSM Talk with Zduriencik's Top Assistants, Jan 10.

UPDATE: If you are having any issues with signing up, you can email me or drop a line on the USSM folks. Derek provides some tips:

- If you don’t want to pay through Paypal for whatever reason email us and we’ll work something out.
- If you’re bringing a guest, email us with the name you donated under and your guest’s name.
- If you paid through PayPal via check, you don’t show up on the list until the check’s cleared. This takes a while. Please do not email us about this. We can’t make checks clear faster.
- If you paid and your donation doesn’t show up instantaneously, please do not email us about this. Give it some time.
- If something went horribly wrong, email us.

------------------------------   ORIGINAL ENTRY ------------------------------

To be held at the Seattle City Library, Central Branch on the afternoon of Saturday, January 10th. Scheduled to start at 1:30pm and last until around 5:30pm or so.

Guests will include most of the LL and USSM crew who will be on hand to answer any beer related inquiries.

Guests you might ask baseball questions to include GM Jack Zdureincik's top two assistants who he brought over from Milwaukee; Tony Blengino, our new czar of statistical analysis and other goodies and Tom McNamara, our new scouting director and possible Strasburg selecter.

The schedule for the event is simple, Blengino and McNamara will be there for a large, if not the entire, period of time. I cannot stress how awesome that is.

Cost is at the bargain basement price of $10. Click the pledgie icon to sign up. When you do, please DO NOT check the box to donate anonymously. We need your name to appear so that we can keep the list straight at check in.

Click here to lend your support to: USSM/LL Jan 10 Feed and make a donation at !

Do it! Do it now!