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Our Gift to You: Math!

No, not really, but rather, just a story about the triumphs of statistical analysis in sports. So if you want to kill 20 minutes away from the family or are just on a break while your greasy friend sets up a new deck for the marathon dungeons and dragons game in your mother's basement (why is it always the mother's basement anyways? It always seemed to me that is was the fathers who wanted a basement), here's a decent read.

HS Football Coach Defies Conventional Wisdom, Wins State Title

Kelley's team only punted twice in 2007 − once as an act of sportsmanship to prevent running up the score − and never after that Dollarway game.
Kelley supports this rationale with numbers analysis.
An innovative and statistics-minded coach, Kelley became further emboldened after reading several studies, including "Do Firms Maximize? Evidence from Pro Football," by University of California-Berkeley economics professor David Romer. Kelley also examined ZEUS, a computer program developed by Chuck Bower, who has a doctorate in astrophysics, and Frank Frigo, a game theory expert, to model and predict football outcomes.

Happy holidays everyone. Enjoy your final week of existence 2008, I'm coming for you.