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Fun With Numbers

Raul Ibanez: good hitter, .286/.346/.472 career

Joey Gathright: bad hitter, .263/.328/.304 career


Raul Ibanez Marcel-projected 2009 wOBA*: .349

Joey Gathright Marcel-projected 2009 wOBA*: .302

League average Marcel 2009 wOBA*: .330

Raul Ibanez defense: -15, corner OF

Joey Gathright defense: +5, CF

Raul Ibanez projected 2009 WAR: 0.78 (as a regular)

Joey Gathright projected 2009 WAR: 0.94 (as a regular)

Raul Ibanez contract:$31.5m/3yr

Joey Gathright contract: $800k/1yr