WAR for position player spreadsheets

I posted a link to these in the Sabermetrics 101 thread, and upon doing so I realized that they weren't really all that well suited to being viewed and edited by more than one person at a time. Since some people seemed to be interested, I decided to redo them and make them a bit more user-friendly. 

If you're not familiar with what goes into calculating WAR, read this post by Tangotiger before you proceed. Also, you might want to take note of the fact that the positional adjustments have been updated. The new adjustments are:

  • +1.25 C
  • +0.75 SS
  • +0.25 2B/3B/CF
  • -0.75 LF/RF
  • -1.25 1B
  • -1.75 DH

Playing time should be entered as percentage expressed as a decimal. Tango's post contains a section on figuring playing time; looking at PAs is generally the best way to go. Market value is calculated based on WAR*$4.75mm, which is the current going rate on the open market. (Note: this is the thing I am least sure about, so if I am incorrect, please feel free to let me know.) As far as defense goes, use your method of choice.

The columns that contain the calculations are hidden; if you'd like to take a look at the raw numbers feel free to unhide them, but I'd like to ask that you rehide them when you're finished. In addition,  If you're not familiar with spreadsheets, it might be best to just stick with the basic numbers in the unhidden fields.

Please feel free to use this as much as you'd like, with the following requests; if you see data in a row, use a different row. When you've finished your calculations, please delete the data in uncolored fields that you used; the WAR and Market Value fields will zero out automatically.

If you plan to use this spreadsheet often and you'd like your own copy, there are two ways to go about it; it can be exported into Excel by choosing File-->Export-->.xls, or you can create a copy by choosing File-->Create a Copy. To export the spreadsheet into Excel properly, the hidden columns must be unhidden when exporting. To create a copy, you must have a Google Docs account of your own. Feel free to pass this on to others as well, but send them a link to this post rather than a direct link to the spreadsheets themselves.

Manually changing the data in any colored field (including the WAR and Market Value fields) will screw the pooch, so please try and be careful.If you think the numbers are off, please send me an e-mail and I'll look into it. Accidents happen of course, and so if something does go wrong, I'd like to ask that you drop me a line to let me know. If you need to e-mail me for any reason, my address is on my SBN profile page.

AL Position Player WAR Spreadsheet

NL Position Player WAR Spreadsheet