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Close of Meetings Rumor/News Thread

To keep the clutter out of other threads. Topics up for grabs:

Even as the Angels continue to pursue Mark Teixeira, it appears that Raul Ibanez has emerged as their No. 1 alternative if Teixeira signs elsewhere. There were indications that the Angels already have begun negotiating the parameters of a deal with Ibanez on a just-in-case basis.

- A.J. Burnett appears headed to a five-year, 85-90 million contract with the Yankees.

- Derek Lowe might also be signed by the Yankees.

- The Yankees are trying to pry Mike Cameron away from the Brewers. The Yankees appear seriously pissed about missing the playoffs.

- The following Mariners were selected away in Rule 5: Miguel MarquezGerardo Esparza and Andrew Barb. Yawn.

- Nick Punto gets a two-year, $8.5 million contract?

- Seriously, holy crap are the Tigers retarded.