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Two Things

1) The Indians appear set to sign Kerry Wood to a two-year deal worth ~$20m, possibly with a 2011 option. All he has to do at this point is pass a physical. The Indians were never going to be players for JJ, but by taking a closer off the market, they've put pressure on teams like Milwaukee, St. Louis, and especially Detroit to get one of their own before it's too late. Expect Zduriencik's conversations about JJ to get a lot more interesting.

2) With Ben Sheets having one foot out the door and CC Sabathia officially out of the picture, the Brewers need rotation help, and they're going to explore their options. The Mariners, meanwhile, currently have more starters than they can use. Jarrod Washburn's name may come up, but the real dark horse here is Erik Bedard - the Brewers tried to get Bedard for JJ Hardy last July, and while Bedard's stock has dropped since what with the surgery and all, it's possible Doug Melvin may come calling again. I don't think Bedard's going to get dealt, nor do I think that now would necessarily be the right time to try and do so in the first place, but that's just something to keep an eye on. Where there's a possible solution to an obvious need, there tends to be a phone call or two.