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Arbitration For Raul

Good news from Larry LaRue. After Raul declines and goes away to be someone else's hilassacre, we'll land a pair of picks, and thereby avoid the retarded Jose Guillen mistake we made last winter. You want evidence that the new administration is better than the old one? There you go. Good heavens was that ever stupid.

In addition, we're bringing in two new coaches. Ty Van Burkleo comes over from Oakland to be Wakamatsu's new drinking buddy, and Lee Tinsley will regale baserunners and first basemen alike with stories of how he totally sucked in Sega's World Series Baseball '94. I expect he'll also give good advice, because if Tinsley learned anything from his own career, it's that standing on first base is a rare privilege, not a right, and you shouldn't try to pull anything stupid because you never know if you'll ever be back there again. Isn't that right, Lee? You were a bad little player, weren't you? Weren't you? Yes you were. awww

Fun fact: in 1996, Tinsley was successful on eight of twenty steal attempts.