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Awesome No-Name-Value Team

C: Mike Napoli
1B: Adrian Gonzalez
2B: Mark Ellis
SS: Yunel Escobar
3B: Kevin Kouzmanoff
LF: David DeJesus
CF: Adam Jones
RF: Randy Winn
DH: Jason Kubel

Zack Greinke
SP: Hiroki Kuroda
SP: Ricky Nolasco
SP: Ubaldo Jimenez
SP: Andy Sonnanstine
CL: Matt Capps

If you set the replacement level at .292, and add a win above replacement for both the bench and the rest of the bullpen, this team would be expected to win between 90 and 100 games.

It's not the perfect awesome no-name-value team; it's an example of an awesome no-name-value team. And hey look the defense is amazing. Get out.