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Awful Name Value Team

C: Paul Lo Duca
1B: Paul Konerko
2B: Luis Castillo
SS: Mike Young
3B: Chone Figgins
LF: Pat Burrell
CF: Ken Griffey Jr.
RF: Jose Guillen
DH: Travis Hafner

Barry Zito
SP: Daisuke Matsuzaka
SP: Justin Verlander
Livan Hernandez
SP: Jon Garland
CL: Jason Isringhausen

If you set the replacement level at .292, and add a win above replacement for both the bench and the rest of the bullpen, this team would be expected to win between 65 and 70 games.

It's not the perfect awful name value team; it's an example of an awful name value team. You should see what happens when you plug Kenny Rogers or Jeff Suppan into that rotation in place of Verlander and Matsuzaka, who I only included because any GM who put together a rotation of Zito/Rogers/Suppan/Hernandez/Garland wouldn't be allowed out of the house.You have to maintain some semblance of reality, after all.