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Gold Glove Voters Are Occasionally Accurate, Hilarious

I was on the fence about posting these results since they're irrelevant and totally stupid, but I know people will probably want to talk about them, so here's a link to your 2008 Gold Glovers. Commentary by categorization:


Yadier Molina
Jimmy Rollins
Carlos Beltran
Shane Victorino
Joe Mauer
Adrian Beltre
Grady Sizemore


Greg Maddux
Mike Mussina
Brandon Phillips
David Wright
Carlos Pena
Dustin Pedroia


Mike Young
Nate McLouth
Adrian Gonzalez
Torii Hunter

Neither Gonzalez nor Hunter are bad defenders, mind you, but in their cases there are such obviously superior options that you can't even make a decent case for them winning. Young and McLouth just suck a lot.

Congratulations to Adrian Beltre for winning an award he deserves, and to Ichiro for winning an award he probably doesn't. Honestly, Ichiro probably belongs under "laughable" with the other four (I mean, come on, Carlos freaking Gomez, people), but I can't bring myself to do it, so whatever. The only thing that matters here is that, were the Gold Gloves an exam in any college class other than second semester organic chemistry, the voters just flunked. I know, I know. I can't believe it either.