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Sometimes A Writer Has To Be Creative, And Other Times The World Is Creative Enough On Its Own

Manny Ramirez. Mark Teixeira. Magglio Ordonez. Daisuke Matsuzaka. Adrian Beltre. Carlos Beltran. To what is already a long list of household names, it would appear that you can add yet another one.

Since mega agent Scott Boras represents mostly players on the high end of the spectrum, it came as a surprise mid-season when Mariner utility infielder Willie Bloomquist opted to sign with him.

Still, Boras generally gets results, and Bloomquist, a free agent for the first time, is looking for results.

Me: Seriously?
Boras: Seriously what?
Me: Willie Ballgame?
Boras: What about him?
Me: You're going to get a commission of like eleven cents.
Boras: I know what I'm doing.
Me: Explain.
Boras: I really shouldn't have to.
Me: What could you possibly have to gain by representing Willie Ballgame?
Boras: Did you ever see She's All That?