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The Magnificent Seven (for now) link

The first round of managerial interviews are about to take place and contrary to previous reports include zero former big league managers. The first seven are:

-Joey Cora (White Sox 3rd base coach)
-Brad Mills (Red Sox bench coach)
-Chip Hale (Arizona 3rd base coach)
-DeMarlo Hale (Red Sox 3rd base coach)
-Jose Oquendo (Cardinals 3rd base coach)
-Randy Ready (Padres minor league manager)
-Don Wakamatsu (Oakland bench coach)

We all know about Cora, but some nuggets on the other six:

Brad Mills is a longtime friend and teammate of Terry Francona. He's also the father of Beau Mills.

Chip Hale was a AAA manager for three years and a Major League player for a decade.

DeMarlo Hale worked as a minor league manager for nine years with Boston and Texas and was named to his current post as a replacement for Dale Sveum.

Oquendo played for over a decade with the Mets and Cardinals as mostly a super utility player playing every position, including pitcher. Despite his similarity to Willie Bloomquist, he ended his career with more walks than strikeouts and posted a .090 isolated plate discipline. Has no significant managerial experience that I know of.

Ready was also a utility player. He's with the Padres now so he's a lock to be hired as long as we have to give San Diego something of greater value in return. He has about seven years experience as a minor league manager including in Portland during 2008.

Wakamatsu was born in Hood River making him also a lock for the job, but he comes from Oakland making him an anti-lock. He used to work for Seattle, making him a lock. Has five years experience as a bench coach and some limited minor league managerial experience.