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Joey Cora Hasn't Been Here In A While

Per Hickey:

"The Mariner job is a job that would interest anybody," Cora said. "Seattle is a beautiful city. It has great fans, good players and an ownership that will do whatever it takes to win."

Even more annoying than the constant inspirational clubhouse speeches about how sometimes the guy you least expect is able to step up and drop down a clutch bunt single in the eleventh inning of Game 5 of the 1995 ALDS, I imagine, would be Cora's mandatory cry-it-out policy after tough losses. "Come on guys, that was a rough one, let's everyone get together and just let it out," Cora would say. And then the team would awkwardly hold hands while Cora told them to think about the dead pets from their childhood, and Tuglett would laugh a little and cover it up by coughing, and everyone would kind of look around until JJ finally started to break down, but instead of tears lightning bolts would come out of his eyes, and Sean Green would let go of his hand and slowly back away to the door, and after a few minutes Cora would wipe his face and thank everyone for their attention and tell them to "go get 'em tomorrow". And everybody would get dressed and go home without saying a word.