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My Favorite Non-Lawn Dart .Gif Of All Time

With certain games or certain series, it can be impossible for your head to figure out which team it would rather see win. Whether each team is loathsome or likable, sports require a rooting interest, and sometimes it can be tough to pick one team over the other. In those situations I find the best thing to do is to sit back, watch, and let your heart decide.

Turns out that, as far as this series is concerned, my heart lies pretty strongly with the Red Sox.

I guess I just hate the Angels more than any other team in the league. Yes, part of it is jealousy. Yes, part of it is me being bitter. Yes, it's sad that I have to find joy in losses by another team rather than in wins by my own. Yes to all of those things. I will freely admit to wishing that the Mariners were even close to as good as their LAnaheim rivals. But despite all that, this is an absolute fact - as I sat in the bar watching the game, I found Drew's home run and Rodriguez's subsequent reaction to be an absolute delight. And regardless of why I felt that way, or where that feeling came from, the feeling was real, and the feeling was awesome.

Thanks for sucking, Francisco. Down 2-0 and going on the road, things are looking bleak for the Fightin' Erstads. And I couldn't be happier.