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A Pet Peeve

"Tomorrow is another game, it's a must-win game."

-Ozzie Guillen on tonight's game against the Rays

Pravda link

Tonight is Game 2. Unless the rules have changed, you do not lose the divisional series after two losses.

What's amazing is that Guillen knows this. From directly before that above quoted sentence:

"It's not a do-or-die thing, but I'd rather go home with one win than go against the wall."

I'm not trying to single Guillen out here, this is just the latest example of the increasing trend of games before an elimination game being "must-wins". I don't want to live in a world where six years from now they're talking about split-squad games in March being must-wins because you don't want to start the season on a bad note, which could cause you to lose games, which could cause you to have a worse playoff seed, which could cause you to face a better team in October, which could cause you to lose the first game, which could cause you to be in an unfavorable situation for winning the series.

There is only one type of game that is must-win and that's the game where if you lose, your chance for a title ends. I mean, it's built into the blasted word itself. How hard is that?