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Adam Jones & Jacoby Ellsbury

Ellsbury offense (career): .329 wOBA*
Ellsbury offense (2008): .319 wOBA*
Ellsbury defense: good --> great CF
Ellsbury birthdate: 9/11/83

Jones offense (career): .321 wOBA*
Jones offense (2008): .324 wOBA*
Jones defense: good --> great CF
Jones birthdate: 8/1/85

Jacoby Ellsbury was 24 when he debuted and collected his first 100+ plate appearances in the Major Leagues. Adam Jones was 21/22. As it stands, Jones is two years younger than Ellsbury and every bit as good overall as a player.

While Ellsbury may get all the attention, Jones is just as good now and - given his age and skillset - in line to be the better of the two down the road. By a pretty fair margin if his power comes back. The return of Jones' home run ability would dwarf the slight advantage Ellsbury gains by being a better baserunner.

Boy did we ever make a mistake. And also fuck the hype machine.