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Top 50 Mariner Moments, 2007: #33

May 11th: Jarrod Washburn strikes out Hideki Matsui swinging to cap off an 8 IP/0 R/6 K effort against the Yankees.

Box score & PBP

Game thread


I don't really have time right now to add much/any commentary to this, but in the interest of pushing the countdown along, here you go.

Jarrod Washburn's five starts against the Yankees while pitching as a Mariner (I can't believe he's only been here two years):

32 IP
31 H
4 HR
7 BB
23 K
12 R (8 ER)

It's nothing spectacular, but when viewed in the context of this being Jarrod Washburn facing some of the most terrifying lineups the world has seen in a long time, you understand why it's noteworthy. There's no reason for it to happen, but it has, and as Matsui hopelessly flailed away, Jarrod bellowed a paleolithic roar, and you couldn't help but feel like he's probably killed a few men in his day. And also that, hey, that was awesome.