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Top 50 Mariner Moments, 2007: #38

July 4th: An Alex Gordon double play concludes a 4-0 game, John McLaren's first career win as a manager.

Box score & PBP

Game thread


I gotta be honest, this is a moment for which fondness has only recently arrived. At the time I didn't think much of it, and God knows down the stretch I said some things that might've made it seem as if I wished we could take it back. But with that said, you had to be happy for McLaren, who - sling and all - celebrated the occasion by hugging everyone on the team. Based on recent press conferences and interviews you could tell this guy was about 700% more sensitive than you and me, and you just knew that it meant the world to him to get that first win. The game ball and lineup card are never going to come down from the McLaren family mantle.

Minutes after the finishing touches were put on Mac's first win, Kauffman Stadium's Independence Day fireworks show was canceled due to bad weather. Perhaps this was a warning that we failed to heed.

In case this moment doesn't do it for you, in the same game JJ Putz came in with two on and none out in the ninth and picked up a two-pitch, one-inning save. Based on absolutely nothing, I think it's clear this achievement officially makes JJ the greatest anything the world has ever seen.