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Bill Bavasi Is Neat

This space is usually reserved for bad words, so I thought it might be nice instead to reflect on what might be Bavasi's most endearing quality for a change. Via Lone Star Ball and TR Sullivan:

[Broussard] did not complain publicly, but spoke often about his situation with Mariners general manager Bill Bavasi. The Mariners admitted that Broussard was an everyday player but still needed him, especially with Sexson struggling through the worst season of his career.
"The Mariners trading me to Texas was one of the classiest things I've ever seen in baseball," Broussard said. "They could have traded me somewhere else. They could have traded me to a National League team, where I would have been a bench player, a role player or a pinch-hitter.

"But they traded me to Texas, even though it was within the division, we play 19 times a year and I'll be out there trying to do everything I can to beat them. It was a classy move on their part."

Bill Bavasi makes a lot of questionable decisions, but when it comes to finding a job for players who deserve or desire a bigger role, he'll go to great lengths to be accommodating, and that makes him a pretty cool person. If you're a Mariner, and you're unhappy with your status, you can rest assured that Bavasi will take your grievances to heart and try to find a solution, even if it isn't necessarily in his own team's best interests.

I think my favorite part of all this is the implication for Willie Ballgame, who's been begging for more playing time for years and years. Not only has the front office turned down every last request for a bigger role, but they've even gone and marginalized him even further by bringing in a veteran with an identical skillset and less bunchable panties. Perhaps we've been wrong all along. Perhaps the Mariners don't keep Willie around on the bench because they love what he provides; perhaps they keep Willie around because they hate him and think it's so cute that his cheeks turn pink when he's angry. And in their defense, it really is. I don't know about you, but this gives me a whole new outlook on things.