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9/4: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 4:05pm PDT


Ichiro CF Cabrera CF Vidro DH Jeter "SS" Guillen RF Abreu RF Ibanez "LF" Rodriguez 3B Beltre 3B Posada C Broussard 1B Matsui LF Johjima C Duncan Troll Lopez 2B Cano 2B Betancourt SS Betemit 1B ---------- ----------

Ho (8-4, 6.55)              Wang (16-6, 3.79)

The red-hot Jose Vidro's last 14 starts: .259/.338/.414

The red-hot Raul Ibanez's last 14 starts: .291/.344/.327

Adam Jones' last 14 starts: N/A (9 starts)

I talk about the offense because this pitching matchup is a nightmare.