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9/26: Open Game One Thread

First Pitch: 4:05pm PDT


Ichiro CF Sizemore CF Beltre 3B Cabrera SS Ibanez DH Hafner DH Guillen RF Martinez C Broussard 1B Garko 1B Johjima C Michaels RF Reed LF Blake 3B Lopez 2B Francisco LF Ballgame SS Rivas 2B ---------- ----------

Feierabend (1-5, 7.33)      Carmona (18-8, 3.03)

With the home team acting as the nominal visitors, I expect the majority of the crowd to consist of those who showed up to boo the Mariners on Griffey Night. On the plus side, if for only a day, at least Seattle can finally claim to have a winning baseball team with a competent front office. They followed us here, mom. Can we keep them?