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9/23: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 12:35pm PDT


Ichiro CF Figgins RF Beltre 3B Cabrera SS Ibanez "LF" Guerrero DH Guillen RF Anderson LF Broussard 1B Kotchman 1B Vidro DH Matthews CF Lopez 2B Izturis 3B Burke C Kendrick 2B Ballgame SS Mathis C ---------- ----------

Weaver (7-12, 6.21)         Lackey (17-9, 3.13)

Washburn: Okay, look, Jeff.
Washburn: You need to win today.
Weaver: uh huh
Guillen: I do not want to see those guys celebrating in front of me.
Weaver: uh huh
Guillen: I take a lot of pride in what I do, and that's just not something I want to watch.
Weaver: uh huh
Ibanez: Remember, last year this is the team that dumped you.
Ibanez: I know that must make you sore.
Ibanez: Channel that emotion.
Ibanez: Channel that emotion into pitching like we know you can.
Weaver: uh huh
Washburn: This is important. This is one of the things we're playing for now.
Washburn: You have to step it up. You have to step it up now, more than any other time all year.
Washburn: We need to win, and you need to be on your game. Understand?
Weaver: okay so wait who are we playing