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9/20: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Ichiro CF Birch CF Beltre 3B Cabrera SS Ibanez "LF" Guerrero DH Guillen RF Anderson LF Broussard 1B Izturis 3B Vidro DH Kendrick 2B Johjima C Rivera RF Lopez 2B Kotchman 1B Betancourt SS Mathis C ---------- ----------

Noseabend (1-4, 6.80)       Weaver (12-7, 3.90)

You know what I'm getting sick of hearing about? How some players get criticized for sitting games out when they're hurt while others are lauded as heroes or warriors for playing through injury. Hey, guess what: if a guy's in bad enough pain, it does nobody any good to have him in the lineup. In fact, it actually makes you worse. I mean, where would the Mariners be right now if Raul and Richie had taken some time off to heal up earlier in the summer instead of trying to tough it out? It's just a stupid critique.

By the way, Simon Birch is sitting at a .235/.340/.272 batting line since June 24th. He still sucks. That makes me happy.