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9/2: Open Have Some Mimosas With Breakfast Thread

First Pitch: 10:07am PDT


Ichiro CF Wells CF Vidro DH Adams 3B Guillen RF Rios RF Ibanez "LF" Thomas DH Beltre 3B Stairs LF Broussard 1B Overbay 1B Johjima C Hill 2B Lopez 2B Zaun C Betancourt SS McDonald SS ---------- ----------

Weaver (6-10, 5.62)         Burnett (7-7, 3.70)

On April 25th, Jake Peavy struck out 16 Diamondbacks in seven innings, allowing none of his five baserunners to score. On August 19th, Johan Santana struck out 17 Rangers in eight innings, allowing none of his two baserunners to score. On September 1st, Clay Buchholz struck out nine Orioles in nine innings, allowing none of his three baserunners to score.

One of these starts will go down in history and be talked about for months. The other two may have already been forgotten, despite being substantially more impressive. Off the top of my head, Buchholz's performance doesn't even crack the top 20 or 25 so far this year; hell, Scott Baker and Andy Sonnanstine were both better just the day before. But good luck getting ESPN and other major media types to shut up about this. As far as majestic achievements are concerned, no-hitters are insanely overrated.

Oh, and the Mariners are playing.