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If you'd have told me back in March that George Sherrill would be getting the save in our 80th win by striking out Donnie Murphy, Daric Barton, and Jack Cust, I would've said "wow that's really specific."

Biggest Contribution: George Sherrill, +20.7%
Biggest Suckfest: Sean Green, -22.1%
Most Important AB: Ibanez grand slam, +14.1%
Most Important Pitch: Ellis triple, -15.2%
Total Contribution by Pitcher(s): +21.7%
Total Contribution by Hitters: +23.2%
Total Contribution by Opposition: +5.1%

(What is this chart?)

  • Jeff Weaver against the top four offenses in the AL: 49 runs in 39.2 innings (11.12 RA)

    Jeff Weaver against the rest of baseball: 47 runs in 93.2 innings (4.52 RA)

    Weaver didn't throw much of a game today, constantly leaving pitches up and over the plate, but because the A's rolled out a crappy lineup, he was able to deliver one of the longest outings this team's had in weeks. Remember how before the year we talked about how there's no loyalty between Weaver and the M's, and that he'd basically be pitching for a bigger 2008 contract? Well, for what little remains of the season, he's pitching to avoid becoming an NRI. Tonight helped his case, even if just a little.

  • If Mark Ellis hits his grounder two feet to the right, it's a double play and people are calling Sean Green a hero instead of just another member of the bullpen who's going through some rough times down the stretch. Green hasn't been anything spectacular of late, but since August 28th he's been the recipient of some of the worst luck I've ever seen on a playing field. Green is still a good reliever, and someone to be counted on for seventh innings in 2008. Do not be swayed by an anomalous BABIP.
  • Jose Guillen is a dirty player. He's also a talented, productive, and energetic player, but dirty is an undeniable part of the package. His takeout slides at second base to break up potential double plays are extremely dangerous and extremely illegal, and he does that every single time. If Marco Scutaro had gotten hurt today instead of shaking it off, this game could've gotten ugly. I'm beginning to suspect that Guillen's perennially high HBP rates aren't a coincidence.
  • Every time Yuniesky Betancourt has a hot few games, there's always someone there waiting to point out how "you were wrong, there's a ton of potential left in his bat." And every time this happens Yuni proceeds to go into a little slump to bring his numbers back down to the standard. He's now 2-16 to follow up a pretty solid five-game stretch. Guess what? This is all there is. This is what Yuniesky Betancourt is going to look like as a hitter. It's not so bad, either, provided you stop expecting him to do more than he's capable of sustaining. Yuni's a good all-around player who's never going to hit much more than an average shortstop. Be happy with what we have.
  • George Sherrill has nine strikeouts in his last 3.2 innings following a period of minor ineffectiveness. Rafael Soriano has allowed six hits and zero runs in his last 14.1 innings following a period of homer-proneness. When you hear that a starting pitcher is trying to make a midseason adjustment, you should always be skeptical, but for several reasons, it's worth giving relievers the benefit of the doubt. Many of them are constantly developing.
  • Ben Broussard is killing me right now. Meanwhile, Raul's up to a .286/.342/.472 batting line. Not a bad year. For a DH.