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9/17: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Ichiro CF Stewart LF Beltre 3B Barton 1B Ibanez "LF" Swisher CF Guillen RF Cust RF Broussard 1B Ellis 2B Vidro DH Johnson DH Johjima C Suzuki C Lopez 2B Hannahan 3B Betancourt SS Murphy SS ---------- ----------

Beluga Tits (13-11, 4.67)   Haren (14-7, 3.11)

From yesterday's AP game summary:

"The whole infield came to the mound, everybody was real positive telling me I was going to get out of it," Sonnanstine said of the bases-loaded, no-out jam in the sixth. "It made me believe."

We know the Tampa Bay infield isn't real accustomed to seeing pitchers work out of these situations - the D'Rays have been abused with the bases loaded more than any other team in the league. We also know the Tampa Bay infield isn't psychic, because the Tampa Bay infield is terrible, and you'd think that psychic players would position themselves better before each play. So what we're left with is that the Tampa Bay infield is either really supportive or a bunch of liars, and Andy Sonnanstine is gullible. What's that, Andy? Yes, of course I've taken good care of your place while you were on the road. No parties or candlelit dinners with your girlfriend at all. Would I lie to you?