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You know what I like about this job? That during weeks like this I can just mail it in and say things like "it's a beautiful day today, go outside."

It's a beautiful day today. Go outside.

Biggest Contribution: Miguel Batista, +20.5%
Biggest Suckfest: Raul Ibanez, -30.0%
Most Important Hit: Ibanez DP, -24.3%
Most Important Pitch: Zaun homer, -18.2%
Total Contribution by Pitcher(s): -2.6%
Total Contribution by Hitters: -54.6%
Total Contribution by Opposition: +7.2%

(What is this chart?)

In case you actually find yourself talking about the Mariners today for whatever reason, don't listen to anyone who pins this game on McLaren for leaving Batista in too long, or Green for giving up the second run. Batista doesn't have a Washburn-like meltdown profile, and Green got three groundballs. Two of them found holes, while for the second time in 18 hours Raul Ibanez hit a ball hard right at somebody for a brutal ninth-inning double play. Shit happens. My advice is to forget about it and go do something else, because it's beyond the point now where the Mariners should ruin our days when they lose. A week ago, maybe, but not anymore. It's just a shame the team couldn't have better chemistry.