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9/1: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 10:07am PDT


Ichiro CF Wells CF Vidro DH Johnson LF Guillen RF Rios RF Ibanez "LF" Thomas DH Beltre 3B Glaus 3B Broussard 1B Hill 2B Lopez 2B Overbay 1B Burke C Zaun C Betancourt SS McDonald SS ---------- ----------

Batista (13-10, 4.74)       McGowan (8-8, 4.18)

I'm beginning to feel like Cartman in the climactic scene from the Dog Whisperer episode, only instead of a raging battle between good and evil taking place in my body, it's a battle between hope for the playoffs and a willingness to embrace our team as a bunch of losers. I think we all know which side's winning.