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8/7: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 4:05pm PDT


Ichiro CF Roberts 2B Vidro DH Patterson CF Guillen RF Markakis RF King Awesome 3B Millar 1B Ibanez Spasming Corpse Tejada SS Sexson 1B Huff DH Johjima C Mora 3B Lopez 2B Hernandez C Betancourt SS Payton LF ---------- ----------

Weaver (2-10, 6.32)         Trachsel (5-7, 4.97)

In 20 starts, Steve Trachsel has a 0.70 K/BB ratio. The next-worst over the past three years? Steve Trachsel in 2006, at 1.01. Of the three things a pitcher needs to do to succeed - throw strikes, miss bats, and keep the ball down - he does exactly none of them well. He's also deathly slow. Say hello to the worst skillset in baseball.