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8/5: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm 1:10 pm PDT


Crisp CF Ichiro DH YOUUUUUkilis 1B Vidro 2B?! Ortiz DH Guillen RF Manny LOL Broussard 1B Drew RF King Awesome 3B Lowell 3B Ibañez LF... sigh Varitek C ADAM JONES CF A.Cora 2B Burke! C Lugo SS Betancourt SS ---------- ----------

Beckett (13-5, 3.41)       Beluga Tits (11-7, 4.23)

Beckett vs the Mariners this year: 20.2 IP, 1 HR, 2 walks, 19 K

Beckett on the road this year: 50 IP, 3 HR, 8 walks, 39 K, 1.62 ERA

Beckett in 2007 despite pitching 1/2 his games in a park with a shallow racquetball-like LF wall: 132 IP, 9 HR, 123/27 K/BB, 3.41 ERA, BABIP: .306.

Welcome to Bonedville. Hey, Miguel, try the meatballs!