LL Softball Photos - New and Improved! Plus voting!

Since so much recap has been covered in the previous diary, I'll mostly post these photos without comment. Also I don't know most of your names guys!

I had a great time, and wish we could have had a couple more folks out there. Let's do it again. Me and District will have to vie for slugging% bragging rights.

Sorry if I didn't get pics of everyone... it was hard to be pitcher, team captain, catcher for the opposing team and photographer all in one... especially after my camera batteries died. Too bad Positive Paul wasn't there to photograph!

Camomilk gets the ball in to his cut off man.

Gomez at bat. Notice the keys still on the belt!

Graham strokes one of many singles...and he even switch hits, just like Vidro! ;)

Gomez spent a lot of time chasing deep drives to right in the second game.

Garces looks like he knows what he's doing out there!

Mariner in the District tracks down this drive to LC.

Chasing the high cheese, but at least he's got his eye on the ball!

Wasn't quite able to get an action shot of District's diving attempt. Just the aftermath.

WWBaker hit leadoff.

Phildopip laughing.

Phildopip all business!

Someone picked up my camera and got a shot of me batting!

JaeJo with a low liner.

Katal runs the bases.

Power stroke!

Me pitching. Weird to see the 3rd baseman wearing a lefty mitt.

The very rare, catcher's eye view! ETownCoug prepares to pitch to Mike (The Ringer)

Camomilk gets the ball in from RF.

ETownCoug stabilized their pitching staff after Gomez had a little trouble finding the zone.

Me chugging into second with Gomez covering the bag.