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I'm on the run. I'll try to get in later on to post a few observations, but in the event that I can't do that, here's what you need to know:

  • Good Felix was absolutely in the building

  • JJ Putz is fine

  • Ichiro is a legitimate MVP candidate

  • Richie Sexson still sucks and should not play very often against right-handed pitchers

  • Jose Guillen has a .835 OPS - 1.005 in August - and is easily one of the best acquisitions this organization has made in as long as I can remember

Biggest Contribution: Brandon Morrow, +23.6%
Biggest Suckfest: Richie Sexson, -23.3%
Most Important At Bat: Guillen single, +12.7%
Most Important Pitch: Murphy homer, -22.4%
Total Contribution by Pitcher(s): +59.0%
Total Contribution by Position Players: -13.4%
Total Contribution by Opposition: +4.4%

(What is this chart?)

Savor this win. The Mariners are off to a rollicking start to the road trip, and if the Tigers can hold on to their current three-one-run lead, the Wild Card separation's up to three games. Perhaps more important than that, though, is that with Ho on the mound tomorrow and Ichiro getting a day off, it might be a little while before we get to feel like this again. Tomorrow guarantees nothing, so soak it in today.