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8/24: Open Game Thread

BEWILDERED UPDATE: evidently John McLaren's idea of giving the regulars rest is to field the exact same lineup every day.

First Pitch: 5:35pm PDT


Ichiro CF Catalanotto LF Vidro DH Kinsler 2B Guillen RF Young "SS" Zombie Shakespeare "LF" Byrd CF Beltre 3B Wilkerson 1B Sexson 1B Botts DH Johjima C Saltalamacchia C Lopez 2B Murphy RF Betancourt SS Metcalf 3B ---------- ----------

Hernandez (9-6, 3.94)       Millwood (8-10, 5.39)

That didn't take long:

Reliever Mark Lowe has experienced soreness in his surgically repaired elbow while pitching for Tacoma and has been "slowed down," McLaren said.

I guess there are some important baseball games today. Kinda hard to keep track though, y'know?