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8/23: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 5:35pm PDT


Ichiro CF Catalanotto LF Vidro DH Wilkerson 1B Guillen RF Young "SS" Ibanez Reanimated Corpse Botts DH Beltre 3B Cruz RF Sexson 1B Saltaladhfaksjdfhalksjdfh C Johjima C Murphy CF Lopez 2B Metcalf 3B Betancourt SS Vazquez 2B ---------- ----------

Weaver (5-10, 5.57)         Loe (6-9, 5.56)

Why, I think this calls for another Texas Rangers Middle Infield Update!

Kinsler: .752 OPS, .665 road OPS, -21 UZR (as of a month ago), .826 current range
Young: .776 OPS, .717 road OPS, -17 UZR, .809 current range

Using the trusty RARP + UZR formula, Ian Kinsler is worth +0.5 runs above a replacement-level player over 150 games. Michael Young is at +8.1. For the sake of comparison, Jose Lopez is at +10.6 - terrible offense and all - and Yuniesky Betancourt's at +1.0.

Our second baseman can't hit and our shortstop derives some kind of sick satisfaction from throwing the ball into the dugout, yet we still have the better combo. And we won't be paying either of them $16m a year until they turn 37.

I keep thinking this is going to get old but it never does. In Mitch Hedberg's world, it's like the complete opposite of pancakes.