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Richie Sexson's Hot Streak

5:21pm PDT Update: I think I'm officially Richie Sexson's good luck charm

Richie, April 2nd through August 3rd:

BA: .196
OBP: .296
SLG: .389
BB%: 11.1%
K%: 20.3%
GB%: 48.5%
FB%: 37.0%
LD%: 14.4%
BABIP: .206

Richie, August 7th to present:

BA: .311
OBP: .326
SLG: .533
BB%: 2.1%
K%: 21.7%
GB%: 48.6%
FB%: 37.1%
LD%: 14.3%
BABIP: .364

Hey, you know what's different? Nothing. Richie's "hot streak" (is it even still going?) is entirely unsustainable, and the less we see Ben Broussard against right-handed pitchers from here on out, the lower are our chances of winning.