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8/15: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 1:35pm PDT


Casilla 2B Ichiro DH Bartlett SS Lopez 2B Mauer DH Guillen RF Hunter CF Ibanez Spasming Corpse Morneau 1B Beltre 3B Cuddyer RF Sexson 1B White LF Jones CF Redmond C Burke C Watkins 3B Betancourt SS ---------- ----------

Baker (6-5, 4.76)           Washburn (8-9, 4.30)

In case you were wondering just how high JJ's stock has risen this year, the following is a text I got a few days ago from a friend in Masachusetts:

Youd be so proud..i just dropped a jj putz stat in a convo

Completely unprompted, a little blonde from the heart of Red Sox Nation who I don't think has ever watched a Mariners game before in her life made a reference to JJ's awesomeness in conversation. Not Jon Papelbon, or Derek Jeter, or David Ortiz, or any of the other names a typical girl from New England will mention if you ask what she knows about baseball - JJ Putz. Somehow, someway, word of the guy's dominance has spread to one of the unlikeliest individual corners of the Western world. I'm pretty sure this was far and away the best text I've ever received.

In other news, Hurricane Flossie? Really? "Flossie"? Was Hurricane Fanny already taken?