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8/14: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Casilla 2B Ichiro CF Bartlett SS Vidro DH Mauer C Guillen RF Hunter CF Ibanez LF Morneau 1B Beltre 3B Cuddyer RF Sexson 1B White LF Johjima C Redmond DH Lopez 2B Punto 3B Betancourt SS ---------- ----------

Garza (1-3, 1.70)           Ho (7-3, 7.12)

Hit Tracker Online has recorded data for 3380 home runs hit so far this season. The average ball has left the bat at 107.3 mph. The homer hit by Raul Ibanez against Gavin Floyd on Saturday registered at 96.1 mph, slower than all but 33 other measured homers hit in 2007. Meanwhile, Adrian Beltre has the 19th-hardest home run of the year, at 119.1 mph off Bruce Chen, while Ibanez also has the 14th-flattest bomb, a hit against Javy Vazquez on Friday that only got 48 feet above field level.

Jimmy Rollins has 21 home runs, averaging 369 feet. Jeff Kent has 15, averaging 407. Life isn't fair.

If you can't tell, I love this tool to death. And Ho sucks.