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Jarrod Washburn


Overall: .738 OPS against
Pitches 76-100: .753 OPS against
Pitches 101+: 1.005 OPS against

With Seattle:

Overall: .755 OPS against
Pitches 76-100: .796 OPS against
Pitches 101+: .952 OPS against

This Season:

Overall: .752 OPS against
Pitches 76-100: .845 OPS against
Pitches 101+: 1.007 OPS against

In 16 starts under Mike Hargrove this year, Jarrod averaged 99 pitches per game, exceeding 110 just once. His OPS against was .716, and his ERA was 4.03 (4.23 FIP). This is consistent with the previous season, over which Jarrod averaged 99 pitches per start and exceeded 110 three times in 31 games.

In seven starts under John McLaren this year, Jarrod has averaged 110 pitches per game, exceeding 110 five times (and throwing 108 in another). His OPS against is .790, and his ERA is 4.91 (4.77 FIP). In the innings in or after which he's been pulled, he's allowed eight runs in five total innings (for example, today he allowed two in 0.2 innings in the seventh).

Jarrod Washburn starts to run out of steam around 80-90 pitches. By the time he hits triple digits, he's essentially given everything he has. The Seattle Mariners have arguably the greatest, deepest bullpen in all of baseball, which works out remarkably well when combined with a guy who struggles to pitch well into the sixth or seventh innings. There are enough good arms waiting for the call that at no point should it be necessary to cringe your way through any important at bats. Letting Washburn go ~90 pitches and then turning things over to RRS/O'Flaherty/Green/whoever is a recipe for success.

And yet John McLaren continues to ride Jarrod Washburn like a workhorse, even though he's never given the slightest indication of being up to the challenge. And, predictably, it's cost him time and time again. Just last week we saw Washburn give up two critical insurance runs to the Red Sox when he was clearly finished (for good measure, RRS then came in and blew Boston away in relief).

At what point does this stop? At what point does McLaren get over his ridiculous infatuation with veterans and start turning the ball over to a comparatively inexperienced but awesome bullpen before Jarrod actually forces him to? Because every day that he doesn't, he's hurting our chances of winning the game, and never was this more apparent than it was tonight (for several reasons, this being just one of them).

John McLaren is not qualified to be a Major League manager. For this reason he should be relieved of his position immediately (late edit: or he should just get smarter) before he deals any more damage to a team that needs every win it can get.