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-Raul Ibanez starts in left field, batting fourth

-Richie Sexson starts at first base, batting sixth

Top 7th: Seattle
-Y. Betancourt sacrificed to catcher, K. Johjima to third, J. Lopez to second

Bottom 7th: Chi White Sox
Washburn at 98 pitches
-J. Dye singled to left
Washburn at 102 pitches
-S. Podsednik lined out to left
Washburn at 105 pitches
-J. Uribe doubled to deep left, J. Dye scored, J. Uribe to third advancing on throw
Washburn at 109 pitches
-D. Richar grounded out to second
Washburn at 115 pitches
-D. Erstad tripled to center, J. Uribe scored
-B. Morrow relieved J. Washburn
-J. Fields struck out swinging

 Top 8th: Seattle
-M. Thornton relieved J. Vazquez
-R. Ibanez singled to left
-M. MacDougal relieved M. Thornton
-A. Beltre singled to left, R. Ibanez to second
-R. Sexson grounded into double play third to second to first, R. Ibanez to third, A. Beltre out at second

Top 9th: Seattle
-B. Jenks relieved M. MacDougal
-J. Lopez struck out swinging
-Y. Betancourt grounded out to shortstop

Fire John McLaren.

Biggest Contribution: Raul Ibanez, +17.9%
Biggest Suckfest: Jarrod Washburn, -27.7%
Most Important At Bat: Sexson DP#2, -19.7%
Most Important Pitch: Uribe triple, -23.5%
Total Contribution by Pitcher(s): -23.9%
Total Contribution by Position Players: -49.4%
Total Contribution by Opposition: +23.3%

(What is this nightmare?)

Batista/Floyd at 4:05pm PDT tomorrow for a little more self-inflicted sabotage.