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8/10: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 5:11pm PDT


Ichiro CF Erstad CF Vidro DH Fields 3B Guillen RF Thome DH Ibañez Spasming Corpse Konerko 1B King Awesome 3B Pierzynski C Sexson 1B Dye RF Johjima C Podsednik LF Lopez 2B Uribe SS Betancourt SS Richar 2B ---------- ----------

Washburn (8-8, 4.18)        Vazquez (9-6, 3.64)

26 year old Jerry Owens has pretty much been Chicago's everyday center fielder since the beginning of June. In 48 games he's batting .243/.286/.281, with a 49 OPS+. For the sake of comparison, Horacio Ramirez has an ERA+ of 60. Owens has been 18% worse than the worst starting pitcher any of us has ever seen. If we lose this series, I think we know exactly who's going to be responsible.