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7/8: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 1:05pm PDT


Ichiro DH Stewart LF Lopez 2B Ellis 2B Ibanez LF Swisher CF Guillen RF Cust RF Sexson 1B Kielty DH Beltre 3B Chavez 3B Johjima C Johnson 1B Ballgame SS Crosby SS Ellison CF Kendall C ---------- ----------

Feierabend (1-3, 9.72)      Blanton (8-4, 3.09)

Yesterday was the greatest day in the history of Mariner blogging. It's time to continue riding that high into the All Star Break by getting to a season-best 13 games over .500 and driving another nail into Oakland's coffin. Holding the hammer will be Ryan Feierabend, who's been blasted in two of his last three starts and should've been blasted in the other, but the A's can't really hit and play in a gigantic ballpark, so this outing shouldn't be as brief as the last.

Joe Blanton, by the way, seems to have made a leap. Career high in strikeouts, career high in grounders, career low in walks...he's not quite this guy, but he's an awful lot better than the irritating fatass he was a year ago.

Also by the way, in case you missed it, here are the details on the August USSM/LL get-togethers. I would've made a post of my own but I haven't had time here in Boston, so just read Dave's and follow his directions to sign up. We'll see you there.